12 ways to make a zero waste bathroom

Making a zero waste bathroom my look like it is impossible when you see plastics bottle upon tubes with a side of plastic bristles. But with a hand full of changes and long life substitutions, you can make your bathroom more sustainable. Try these 12 area retrofits in your bathroom and you won’t believe the zero waste makeover.

  1. I’ll begin with toilet paper because I kind of needed some😀. I make a toilet paper order twice a year. 48 rolls of tissue wrapped toilet paper in a cardboard box sealed with glue (totally plastic free) and made with post-consumer wast paper, too. Yeah, for natural value, in a pinch. Because I ordered this by the case from my local co-op, I get a 10% discount!
    There lots of choices out there for TP like @hellotushy
    @whogivesacrap and @caboo. Give one of them a try.

2. I use a combination of things shown here: an alum stone that I alternate with baking soda (shaker) and coconut oil when the alum stone stop working (TMI). I find that fat based DIY deodorants also stain my clothes. Alternating between the two types of deodorant saves my clothes a little longer.

Teeth cleaning

3. Teeth cleaning and brushing is a really easy retrofit. Replacing your plastic toothbrush with bamboo, compostable dental floss/lace in a refillable glass bottle, coconut oil and baking soda for brushing instead of toothpaste. I use my sonic toothbrush and conventional toothpaste at night. I went all natural brushing and got 2 cavities when I was 42 years old. Honestly, I need to keep my teeth. Now I brush all natural in the mornings.

Hair washing

4. Opting for a shampoo bar, un-packaged or paper packaged soap and either a fill your own bottle or a conditioner bar are all really great substitutions to cut the cord on an addiction to plastic bottles. You won’t find the verity of kids of shampoos and conditioners but there are still great options out there.


5.Shaving essentials body soap, a safety razor and oil for afterwards.

Face cleansing

6. For cleaning your face, try oil to remove makeup and moisturizers, a little gentle bar soap to cleanse and exfoliate with some baking soda, in a easy to use shaker.

*PS use the baking soda to scrub your sink and bath tub.

Toner and night oil

7. A refillable mist bottle filled with chamomile tea (add a tablespoon of vodka to preserve). A dropper bottle filled almond oil, vitamin e and some lavender and nighty night you go.

Zero waste make up basic kit

8. Low waste cosmetics are possible with a little creativity. Coco powder for eye bows, lids, cheeks and even as a bronzer in summer. Look for companies that have a recycling program for their mascara tubes like Gabriel cosmetic or MAC. Face powder you can find on on craft sites or blend up your own. I haven’t found a good light and natural sunscreen so, for now I have a plastic bottles that is natural.

Hair supplies

9. Using some simple hair supplies that are plastic free, wooden or horn comb or brush, metal clips, a few hair ties and for long hair a little nourishing oil for the ends can de-clutter your bathroom and cut the plastic.

Random bits

10. Safety razor blades, blade safe for used blades and an ear spoon for cleaning your ears.

Feminine Products

11. Try out re usable products for you period. Menstrual cup and Glad Rags are two good choices. I chose a natural latex menstrual cup because latex can be composted when it has no life left. The other choice for a cup is silicone, which is not compostable. For those with a laytex allergy or sensitivity Silicon is a great option.

The plastic free toilet brush

12. Switch to a natural and compostable toilet brush.

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