China says” No more!”

It shouldn’t come to a surprise anyone that China has had enough of our recyclable plastic. The US ships approximately 1 million tons of plastics to china for recycling every year. Earlier this year china said they will no longer accept plastics from several countries around the world including the USA. They will no longer accept plastics with the codes 3-7. This creates a very large problem, 1 million ton problem.  And since we have relied on China primarily recycle these plastics for us, we don’t have the facilities here in the USA to recycle these kinds of  plastics. Now we have the recycling industry and municipalities scrambling and literally freaking out about how to handle this loss of a major part in their chain in recycling.

So, what are we going to do with all this plastic? It’s a very good question and the recycling industry doesn’t have an answer nor do the manufactures, municipalities or business. But us Zero Wasters do, just stop manufacturing the plastics. I know this sounds harsh but, how are we going to deal with more plastic waste? As a society we have come to rely on plastic for almost everything and therefore we believe we can’t live without it. We can and must begin to transition to a less disposable lifestyle because our planet resources and space is not infinite.

I believe that the companies that manufacture the plastic containers (the converter) and the company that makes the product that goes into these containers should take responsibility for this and change their packaging. Because now their plastic containers will go into the trash, this will be hard for the public to swallow when they are accustom to plastics going in the recycle.  They may want to

China has been dealing with our waste and toxins on an epic scale. They are not willing to be our garbage pile any longer.

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