10 Things To Do; a day at a time Zero Waster

Over the last 6 plus years my family has reduced our garbage by 85%. I really enjoy spreading the Zero Waste lifestyle in a way that is easy and accessible to everyone. By listing some typical and non-typical 10 Things To Do, you can start the process of becoming a Zero Waster. I will be listing daily bits of information about waste, consumerism and environment with a Zero Waste option. So, here we go!

Day 1: According to Pristineplanet.com 50 million plastic water bottles are thrown away each day and thebetacup.com says, 58 billion paper coffee cups are thrown away each year. 10 billion trees are used each year to feed our disposable coffee cup addiction word wide. And that is just the vessels not even the lids. That is a ridiculous amount of preventable waste.

Solution: Keep a refillable metal or glass water bottle with you (learn to love tap water) and get yourself a reusable insulated coffee cup. These are solutions we hear of everyday but how many of us actually implement these simple things? Not as many people as one would hope.  This an affordable change you can make especially if you buy second hand. For just a few dollars you can stop these two prolific pollutants.

Day 2: Make the switch to un-packaged soap. We use bar soap in the shower, hand washing and for hand washing dishes instead of liquid dish soap. Why so many products for one task? Bar soap does the job with out all the packaging.

Day 3: Choose one tasks/adventure a month that makes a difference. Our family tries but doesn’t always succeed. We often do a beach clean up as our task.

Day 4: Make up a to-go set of eating utensils and a napkin for you car, briefcase, backpack or purse. You will never be unprepared when eating out.

Day 5: Change your toothbrush and floss to a sustainable option like a bamboo toothbrush and compostable floss (Dental Lace brand is a good one).

Day 6: Ditch the plastic food storage containers and swap them for glass or metal.

Day 7: Find a local bulk store. I’m not talking the big box membership bulk stores. I mean a real fill a bag bulk store. Try out buying some rice or oatmeal in your own bag (with the tear weight) feel the package free rush!

Day 8: Buy local food. seek out a farm stand, farmers market or even eggs from a local farm. Beer counts:)

Day 9: Pare down. Try to streamline your bathroom routine or clean out the junk drawer. Let the power of simplicity be your guide.

Day 10: Big picture idea; choose natural fibers to replace your synthetic ones as they wear out. Natural fibers can be recycled or even composted (silk) this makes then better for the environment.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”  Mahatma Gandhi

4 thoughts on “10 Things To Do; a day at a time Zero Waster

  1. Where can I find days 2 – 4 and 6 – 10 of 10 Things To Do; a day at a time Zero Waster? I found Day 1 and Day 5, but not the other.

    Thank you


    1. I just noticed that this morning and I am trying to find those posts. I changed the design of the website and I think some things got lost in the change over. I’ll see what i can find and re-post ASAP. Thanks for asking about those, this will get me motivated to fix it.


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