The Purchase Process of a new pen

I know it doesn’t seem very exciting but, I got a new pen to try out before I buy them for the whole family. Plastic single use pens are a struggle to replace. I can’t write checks with a pencil,  nor can I fill out forms that aren’t online and are necessary. So, what to do? I started my Purchase Process to get a ink drawing refillable fountain pen.  Like many of the things I choose to purchase at our house, I have to look much further into the lifecycle of that product, I call it our Purchase Process. This is an example of my Purchase Process of my new pen; Do I need this? Yes, I have no more disposable pens. Can I buy it used? Tried, but often they don’t work right. Can I buy it local? Nope. How and what is this made with? Made with Bamboo a renewable and sustainable grass. How do I dispose of the majority or all of the product when it comes to the end of its lifecycle? I can compost the bamboo shell of the pen, recycle the metal fittings and bits of the plastic mechanism, part of it will need to go into the garbage.  Do I like the pens style (just a bit vain but, for me important)? Yes,  it is cool looking. Sometimes I add in the mix, where is it made? Unfortunately, in China. Can’t always score 100%.  This is an example of how my Purchase Process goes. How does your Purchase Process go? Think about it if you haven’t.


“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

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